The holiday season is now here.  The kids are in school, trick-or-treating is done with and you can start to hear those Christmas commercials and see the displays in the stores promoting the next big thing for this holiday season.  Seems like it is going to be a while right?  Think again, we are less than a month away from Thanksgiving and less than two months away from Christmas.  So, what are you doing for the holidays?

Are you having family and friends over? Are you hosting parties? Are you getting family photos taken in your home?  How to your walls and cabinets  look?  Scuff marks on the walls?  Out dated paint colors?  Worn cabinet doors?  All of these situations can add to your holiday stress and detract from any events you might have planned.  Hardy’s Painting can help.

Right now Hardy’s Painting is offering a special 15% off interior paint jobs.  Get that fresh new look.  Be happy walking in your kitchen again.  Look forward to having guests over and listening to them say how beautiful your home looks.  All it takes is contacting Hardy’s Painting and let the professionals do the rest.  Click here or call (214) 701-7573.